About Us

Our Mission

Develop men of strong character through:
  • Scout leadership and opportunitues
  • Teaching and promoting the Scout Law;
  • Developing their skills through rank advancement;
  • Providing a supportive environment based on the principles of charity, unity, fraternity, patriotism, and reverence to God.


Troop Vision

To reinforce traditional family values through the delivery of Scouting programs that will foster creativity; promote family unity; and inspire and motivate our Scouts to develop the skills that will provide the foundation needed to become productive citizens.

This is accomplished by placing boys in a balanced environment where challenges are fun events, and success is predicated on positive leadership, coordination, preparation, and participation. The emphasis is on valuing each Scout by recognizing and maximizing his individual strengths, observing and overcoming or compensating for his weaknesses.

Adult Leadership Philosophy
  • Never do for a Scout what he can do for himself
  • Provide no ambiguity in earning awards and rank
  • Ensure there are checks and balances in troop leadership
  • Provide balance in activities, meetings and merit badges


What You Should Know

All Troops are different, and this page provides information about our troop that should assist you in determining if our troop is right for your Scout.

Time Management

Our events and meetings start and end on time. Our goal is to teach our Scouts time management and to do so, we expect Scouts to be on time to events.

Of course, on occasion, there will be exceptions, but they should be exceptions, not the rule.

We understand the great demand on families' time and respect it by keeping our events on schedule. We teach the Scouts to use time wisely and respect others' schedules.

Be Prepared

The motto of Boy Scouts is "Be Prepared" and our Troop takes preparation seriously. We teach our Scout Leaders to gather forms, checks, permission, slips, and medical forms in advance of events, not the day of the event.
When appropriate, Shake Downs (a review of the gear a Scout Packs - not stick ups!) will take place and all are required to participate. This allows us to ensure the Scouts are properly prepared for the event and, over time, become experts on event preparation.

Scouts are expected to commit to events two weeks in advance, so that those Scouts charged with planning can do so effectively. Because the Scouts leaders arrange patrols, purchase food, register at facilities, and make other commitments during planning, unless there are extenuating circumstances, last minute canceling will not automatically result in a full refund - only the amount that has not been committed.

Nutrition is not Haute Cuisine

The ability to prepare outdoor meals on the trail efficiently and safely is a key skill Scouts learn on treks. Attempting to create extravagant meals requires a great deal of time and equipment. We are a minimalist cooking troop - quick and easy and portable. For special camp-outs, such as family camp-outs, we will roll out the field restaurant, but for normal treks we keep it minimalist

Scouts and Sports

Scouts and Sport participation are not mutually exclusive. Our troop fully supports a Scout going inactive in Scouting, or minimally active during a Sports season.
In addition, they are many leadership roles Scouts can play that do not require attendance at meetings during inactive periods, just availability to train or help others.

Before you assume that Scouts and Sports don't mix, give us a call - we will work on each situation on a case by case basis.